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Rosaline Darby

I have been a textile practitioner on one level or another for my whole life and it is firmly part of my identity. I grew up in a family where, if one wanted or needed something, the first thought would be “how can I make this?” My female relatives were all skilled needlewomen and I learned confidence in using woodworking and DIY tools, as well as to experiment and just have a go, from my scientist father.


I have always enjoyed drawing and was able to use this to advantage in my initial training as a zoologist. However, apart from four years’ attendance at an informal creative embroidery workshop from 1997 to 2001, and a year at a local class run by a Royal School of Needlework graduate in 1996, as well as regular attendance at day workshops run by Kingston and District Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild, I had no formal art or textiles tuition until I completed the Morley College Textiles Foundation in 2013. Following that, I continued to learn and to experiment by attending the Morley College Advanced Textiles Workshop. In many ways this lack of formal tuition has been an advantage in that I have felt free to experiment and innovate in blissful ignorance of any rules!


Inspiration for me comes from my home environment, often the things that I can see from my workroom window, and I like to use this imagery to say something about life and the human condition. I use a wide range of techniques, employing whatever best seems to suit the project in hand, although mainly focussing on dye, print, collage and stitch. I regularly develop designs from my art pieces for use in a range of products such as scarves, tea towels, napery, soft furnishings and clothing.


I am also a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild and of Phoenix Contemporary Textiles Group.


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