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Karen Morton

My work involves experimenting with conventional and non-conventional materials, dyes and printing techniques; adding embroidery, appliqué and feltmaking as appropriate to the individual pieces. I am also developing the use of natural dyes and re-purposing vintage fabrics. My collection of work incorporates functional and non-functional pieces; presenting textiles as art as well as artefacts. I am equally happy producing a specific design, as in a current fashion collaboration, or working on an idea from which, for example, a wall hanging may emerge as the materials and processes themselves suggest possibilities.


My approach to textiles is from a range of cultural and historical perspectives; I am interested in how textiles can define and enhance individual space both in garments and in other non-wearable pieces. Recently exhibited work is of a floating sculptural nature, giving an altered view of the interior environment through the spaces between the printed textile shapes. Whilst inspiration constantly presents itself, recurring themes in my work include historical artefacts and the rich heritage around the River Medway and other locations.


My career includes working in the textile and print industries, and as a book and magazine designer.  I am currently developing work for exhibiting and for sale, aswell as teaching Textiles, Design and Technology.



V&A  (staff exhibition)

Barbican Library Gallery

Brixton East Gallery

Morley Gallery, Westminster

Riverside Country Park, Medway, Kent

‘Made in Medway’ celebrating the work of artists and designers in Medway, Kent

The Smithery, Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent

The Old Surrey Downs Project, exhibited in Swansea and Germany


Other media

‘Made in Medway’ art book celebrating the work of artists and designers in Medway, Kent

Living TV, ‘Our Home’ interior design programme


Contact: [email protected]