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Cynthia Hay

When I see a piece of cloth, I think of using colour and stitch to rearrange and reorder the material display.  I like to use such textiles to create wearable art.  My interest in making garments goes back to learning to sew with my grandmother, using a treadle sewing machine.  My father was a mathematician, from whom I learned to appreciate the beauty and the excitement of mathematics, and the many uses to which mathematics can be put.  


I did courses in pattern cutting, felt making and machine embroidery while working.  It was when I went to an evening talk about a felt exhibition at the Crafts Council that I met Alex Mayer and subsequently applied to do the Textile Foundation Course at Morley College.  Since then I have done the Advanced Textile Workshop, as well as courses in felt making, pattern cutting and tailoring.


I have both enjoyed and learned a lot through preparing for group exhibitions of textile work at Morley and at other venues.  The Carousel group of textile artists which has come together through the Advanced Textile Workshop at Morley College continues this experience.